“No Rules” are the new Rules… media changed forever.

If you are looking for more proof that the fabric of the media universe is forever altered, read the article today in the NT Times by David Carr: “Lost in a Convention Haze, With Bloggers Lurking at Every Turn”.

When the Bagger stopped to interview Max Loveless, a college Republican who was one of eight kids waving McCain signs — “Drill Now!” said one — three of his buddies whipped out video cameras and started filming the proceedings. When the Bagger stopped in the Big Tent and talked toCraig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, a blogger nearby perked his ears up from three feet away and started live blogging the conversation. And when the Bagger noticed that Clinton supporters were staging a protest at MSNBC’s open-air studio behind Union Station, he stopped to ask a few people what the fuss was about and was immediately surrounded by a thicket of recording devices.

“I think when you think about the network democracy or participatory democracy thing, this is a turning point in American history,” Mr. Newmark said, “potentially realizing the vision of the founders of this country because they and we wanted a more direct form of democracy. And with the Internet, we can start moving a little bit more in that direction.”

What Mr. Newmark, who disrupted an entire industry with his free community of ads, said was all the more interesting because some of it was taking place as we spoke.


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