The Motion Picture is still the Most Powerful Propaganda

Hitler knew it… there is no more powerful propaganda tool that the motion picture, it’s ability to create and manipulate emotions, tell a story (real or imagined) and generally mess with people’s “hearts and minds” is powerful & effective.  The Nazi film TRIUMPH OF THE WILL by Leni Riefenstahl is revered as a classic in the history of cinematic manipulation… it is still studied in film schools all over the world.  The bottom line, Propaganda Films Work. Turns out the Republican Party knows this as well, and is using the American Press to deliver political propaganda to citizens in swing states.  All it takes is cash. A fear-mongering motion picture called OBSESSION: RADICAL ISLAM’S WAR AGAINST THE WEST


 is being distributed free on DVD in newspapers throughout election battleground states in an effort to scare voters into voting for McCain.  If you are interested in film as an influencer, you should read this LA TIMES article by DeeDee Correll.   The film is produced by Clarion Fund.  28 million DVDs (yes… 28,000,000 DVDs) were included as advertising inserts in newspapers in vital swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan, Florida and North Carolina.  Clarion says the cost was in the “multi-millions” but won’t give specifics and WON’T say where the money came from.  Nice… tell us again Senator McCain, about “Transparency”… Some excerpts:

The News & Record in Greensboro, N.C., rejected the insert, calling the DVD “fear-mongering and divisive.”  “Of course, it’s not free speech,” wrote the paper’s editor, John Robinson, on his blog.  “It’s a paid advertisement making the case for one side of a complicated, controversial issue,” he wrote, noting that the other side would go unheard unless it buys its own ads.  He continued: “Newspapers decide not to publish information every day. Most of the time we call it news judgment.”  Some readers also haven’t accepted newspapers’ explanations for distributing the DVD. “If I paid you to distribute an anti-Semitic DVD, would you be so obliging?” Laurel Thompson wrote in a letter to the editor of the Denver Post, which distributed more than 553,000 copies of the DVD in its Sept. 14 edition. “Or how about a DVD celebrating the courage of [Columbine High School killers] Harris and Klebold?” Newspapers should not have accepted the advertising, said Marianne Weigand, 50, of Arvada, Colo., who complained to the Rocky Mountain News in a letter to the editor.  If she wanted to watch such a film, she would have sought it out, she said. “If you’re going to send something out, it’s a sample of Tylenol, not a movie full of something so violent, something that not everybody wants to watch,” Weigand said. “It’s propaganda about terrorism. . . . I don’t see anybody benefiting from watching that.”

The Republicans know that fear is their best (and only) selling tool… It has kept them in power for 8 years and was first proven to work in TV ads that got Reagan re-elected in 1984. Lord knows the Republicans have shown themselves to be incompetent in handling natural disasters, foreign affairs, the economy and protecting the constitution… fear is all they have left to sell the American people. Here’s my problem: there is no downside for a political party if they lie to us, none whatsoever. Why is that? If I park 5 minutes after 6 PM on my street in LA I get fined $35.  But if I spout outragious lies on public airwaves to get a candidate elected, there is no no judge, no jury, no consequences. In theory, the media outlet is supposed to filter this, but then THEY ARE BEING PAID to enclose the DVD, at a time that print advertising revenues are reaching an all-time low.  Some filter.  It is only a small minority of editors with a integrity like John Robinson (no relation) of News & Record in Greensboro, N.C. that are saying “no”.  But big papers owned by big corporations? No questions asked and thanks for doing business with us!  The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS sent out more than 1/2 million DVDs! Shouldn’t the political party benefiting from these lies lose funding, or access to the public airwaves?  If you curse on the radio or TV or threaten the President, or break some other rule, the station’s license is revoked.  They are PUBLIC AIRWAVES after all and the stations LICENSE THEM, they don’t own them.


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