12,000 Yahoos on their way out…

Big Cuts at Yahoo… the downward roll of the giant string ball of media/marketing is just starting to gain speed.  12,000 smart people looking for jobs that don’t exist.


Yahoo Job Cuts

It’s going to be an Ugly, Ugly Christmas.

Unsolicited advice: sell everything, buy a backpack and start walking. Or just live in a hole in the ground and create that great novel, symphony or film you have always dreamed of. Let’s keep that tradition of Great Art coming from Bad Times. 

Cut overhead, pay off debt, live simply, love your family, nurture your friends.

My belief is that an artist, filmmaker or otherwise, that is truly producing authentic work of quality is richer “than any Rockefeller” as the old song goes.  That may mean we do something not-so-cool to pay the bills.  That’s fine.

We all have the chance to learn what is important out of this…




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